Fine Art Prints, How To Choose A Frame

To choose a frame for a fine art print is to give it life. The mat board around the image forms an important part of the whole effect, as the color of it will determine its entire appearance. A pale border around the image will appear to open it up and will be easy on the eye, whereas a bright mat will seem to close the image inwards although a stark contrast with a deep-colored mat can look stunning.

Whether mat or mount board is used, its purpose is also to help separate the image from the glass. The final thing left to do is to choose a frame, and with so much selection available, this is really easy to do. limited edition abstract art prints

Many online suppliers of fine art prints also supply a good selection of custom frames and there’s sure to be something in a color and style that would suit the print of your choice. If expenditure is an issue, there are plenty of ready-made frames available in stores which tend to be more economical. At the other end of the scale, making your own frames is cost- effective and will enable you to learn a new talent, if you so wish.


The choice of frames plays an important part in interior design as they add to the over-all effect of a room. Designers will choose frames with color in mind which will either match or contrast with the color of the walls.

A frame in a complementary color looks effective because it will blend well with colors in the print. A silver or black frame around a black and white photography print would also look good, or perhaps choose a blue-tinted frame around a seascape, or a green one around a landscape. On the other hand, a contrasting color will be effective in allowing the image to stand out. It’s popular to choose a frame to contrast or blend with the color scheme of the walls.


The style of a frame is a matter of personal taste, and what will actually enhance the type and size of print you are framing. Frames range from a simple plain style, to rustic and ornate carved options. Some are thick and some are fine. Many different effects can be achieved from choosing different frames. Framed art prints can look stunning.

Multiple Frames

If there are several fine art prints you’re intending to frame, think of the effect you would like to achieve. A group of prints on a wall can look stunning. The frames can all match in order to give uniformity, they can be the same color and different styles, or they can all be totally different to give a random or contemporary feel.

Create visual excitement with your choice of frames. Show your creativity because this is an area where you can experiment with different looks. The only limit is your imagination.

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