Eco Tourism Vacation

If you want to surrender yourself to the mother nature then the best option is to move for a eco tourism vacation. Todays tourism industry focusing on the ecological development through travelling which is called eco tour. Eco tour or eco travel includes visiting to the places rich in natural resources, cultural or historical heritage aiming at active participation in conservation, sensitivity to the environment, educating and supporting to the natives. Nature has always helped mankind to grow and flourish. But what mankind has given to nature? Conservation of biodiversity is another main aims of tourism industry. Today’s tourism industry focusing on travelers who respect nature and at the same time can spread awareness on the preservation of nature as well as native culture. best attraction Sentosa singapore¬†

Being a geographically diversed country India is an ideal spot for eco tourism vacation. There are many eco regions in India which have their own climate and physical structure. The different eco regions of India like Eastern and western Himalayas, North Eastern region, Gangetic plains, Eastern Ghat, western Ghat are different from each other. But all those regions have different places for eco holidays, offering different activities.

Like Himalayan ranges give ample opportunities to the activities like trekking, mountaineering, wildlife viewing, glacier viewing, nature walk, biking etc where as places like Goa, Kerala offer journey in water, national parks offer journey in flora and fauna. There are some places which offer ecological holiday in rivers, ecological travel packages in desert etc. India has all types of eco tourism vacation as for example, eco parks, eco animals, eco flora, eco adventure, eco water and eco lodges. Some well known eco holiday destinations in India are Himalayas, Goa, Kerala, Ladakh, Shimla, Manali, Munnar, Nainital, Coorg and many more places.

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